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History of the Russian Arabian in the U.S.
Arabian horses from the Tersk Stud were imported into the United States in the late 1970's. Tall, powerful and often exotically beautiful,  their Arabians made a major impact on U.S breeding programs.
*Muscat 3(1-0) 1971
(*Salon x Malpia x Priboj)
1980 Scottsdale Champion
1980 U.S. & Canadian Nat.l CH.
Sire of numerous Champions
Sire of *Nepovtorimaia ex Novinka an Arax  daughter.
*FA Staccato 8(2-2-0-1)0-0-1 1985
(Prononce by Nabeg x *Statistika by Topol). Halter Champion Race Winner, Siring Race, Performance,  Endurance Winners. Tall and elegant they have the lineage and Conformation of Champions.
*Moment 1/10(3-5-2) 1969
(*Salon x Malpia x Priboj)
Sired 6 Stake Winners 3 Stake Placed. Sire of TW MS  Moment,  *Moschka, and Grandsire of *Drap
*Londonn 1982
(*Namiet x Lipa by Pomeranets)
Lipa was second in the Oaks
*Londonn was a Champion in both Western and Dressage. Sire of our mare Annastazsiaa who is out of  *Nepovtorimaia by *Muscat.
Nabeg 2/9(2-1-3)1966 Bay,
(Arax x Nomenklatura x Naseem)
Sire of ; *Poznan twice US Nat.l Top Ten Mare, Penza 1983 Dutch Nat.l CH.Mare and CH.Mare Of Europe. Nabeg was the progenitor of the Arax line. Sire of *Pesniar, *Menes, *Princip, *Ptersk, Peleng, Tallin, Prononce, *Nadejni, to name but a few.
While Nabeg died an untimely death, he left a lasting legacy. Our Nabeg daughter *Talina, was an outstanding mare. From her we have HHanna, Reunion, & Stacctabay sired by *FA Staccato ( a Nabeg Grandson out of the  Topol daughter *Statistika ).
Black Russian Grey 1973 - 2001
(*Pietuszok x Countess Naborr)
Our original herd sire, sire of Freemark Abbey.
*Pietuszok Bay foaled in 1954 - 1974
(Priboj x Taktika by Taki Pan out of    Krona by Kann) Bred by the Tersk Stud.
The Russian Heritage
Until the mid 1970's the handsome Arabian horses of the Tersk Stud were virtually unknown to Americans or few others outside Russia. No longer in service for Military use, their breeding program used the Race Track  to test the conformation and mental stability of their horses. They had the excellent conformation one would expect of a professional equine athlete.
Their Arabians averaged 15' 2 hands tall. They were classic, often exotic looking horses, particularly  those  
with Aswan in their lineage.
Howie Kale is the person responsible for bringing the Tersk Stud to light. Having discovered their Arabians, he worked tirelessly to gain approval by the WAHO Association, setting the stage for the first Tersk Auction.
Once their existence became known to the Western World, American Breeders and Investors began buying the very best of the Stud's horses.
Among the numerous purchases Kale made was the young Stallion *Muscat 3(1-0) a Salon son (*Moment's full brother) out of the Stake Placed mare Malpia 2/14(2-7-1)0-2 (second in both the Oaks and the Autumn Prize), *Muscat was the 1980 Scottsdale Champion and later in the year the Canadian and U.S. National Champion. Now deceased, he was  a sire of numerous National and International Champions.
Russian Arabians were becoming more valuable than gold in the early 1980's. Several Americans were vying for the stallion Pesniar a Nabeg son out of Pesnia (Aswan x  Ptashka by Priboj). Graded "Elite" he was the Chief Sire and progenitor of the Arax line at the Stud. The Answer was always "Niet". No, he was not for sale.
It took diplomatic relations via Armand Hammer of Occidental Petroleum to change their mind. After long hours of negotiating *Pesniar was purchased for one million dollars. Imported into the U.S., he went Top Ten Stallion at both the U.S. and Canadian Nationals.
Gilbert  Van Camp, Jr. ( Van Camp Seafood ), purchased several Arabian horses from the Stud, and then negotiated the highly prized Nabeg son Peleng for 3.7 million dollars.
Peleng remained in Europe, Gilbert Van Camp died and his prized Arabian herd was scattered to the winds.(Peleng died in May 2002)
Texas oilman Ken Ford purchased the Nabeg son *Ptersk from Kale and shortly thereafter began attending the Russian auctions also. At 6' 1 Ford's preference was for tall,  typey Arabian horses. They came away from the Tersk Auctions owning some of the very best (a fact which was noted in Time Magazine).
*Statistika a Topol daughter was among those purchased. Her sire Topol was a Stake Winner and full brother to both *Pietuszok and Ptashka. All three by Priboj out of Taktika, a grandaughter of Kazmir PASB 18(17+ D+ 3x the Criterium.
Through tail female, *Statistika is a grandaughter of Semen, a distinguished race horse in Poland. He had an outstanding race record 3/15(11-3-1)D 2x the Criterium + 5. Eight of his eleven wins were in Stake Races including the Polish Derby. For the Tersk Stud, Semen sired several Stake Winners, his Get Konus and Pasta were Derby Winners as well.
We purchased *Statistika's son *FA Staccato from the Fords when he was two years old, a Halter Winner on the Texas show circuit.
At the time of his purchase we were becoming involved in Arabian Racing. We felt it important that he compete at the track as he would if he had been foaled at the Tersk Stud. His record was 8(2-2-0-1)0-0-1,  (wins both equaled track records). Having purchased him as a future sire for our *Pietuszok grandaughters, we felt his record justified bringing him home to cover our mares.
Staccato has been an excellent sire. He gives to his Get, size, length of leg, strong backs, and his athletic prowess. They are handsome, elegant Arabians. Powerful, his Get move gracefully having long fluid strides which extend from well laid back shoulders, the genetic gift of Staccato.
At the Tersk Auction the Ford's had also purchased the Nabeg daughter  *Talina a three-quarter sister to *Tamerlan. Graded "Elite" *Talina was by Nabeg out of the Pomeranets daughter Trapecia (the Dam of *Tamerlan sired by Arax, Nabeg's sire).
With the sharp downturn in the price of oil, several prized Arabians were brought to Auction. At the KARHO 1987 sale we placed the winning bid on *Talina. Tall and regal looking, she was 15' 3. She had an exceptionally short back and long elegant legs. Her outstanding feature, besides her height, was her huge coal black eyes a genetic gift of the Arax line.
*Talina (now deceased), was the Dam of our elite mares HHanna, Reunion and the very handsome young stallion Stacctabay all are by Staccato.
*Muscat's daughter *Nepovtorimia is in our herd, she produced the lovely young mare Ecstacctic by Staccato. Annastazsiaa (*Londonn x *Nepovtorimia), has been one of our best mares, she is the Dam of Stacchiaa, Lady WWindsor, Staccnamet, and Staccniet.
*Muscat's full brother, *Moment 1/10(3-5-2) a sire of Stake Winners in Russia, is also gone. Am fortunate to have had two of his daughters. Both quite different from one another. TW MS Moment 44(8-5-4-8), is a big powerful mare. Angular in frame she was an outstanding race horse. She ran against the best at Los Alamitos beating the likes of the French mare Vannessa du Loup. A powerhouse, look for foals representative of her Priboj lineage. (MS Moment was recently sold to the Middle East).
Our other *Moment daughter *Moshka has powerful hind quarters like her sire. She takes after the Aswan side of the family in every other way, she has a short refined muzzle, small typey ears and large eyes. She produces the more exotic foals as expected from this lineage.
*Muscat was Bey Shah's nemesis throughout the 1980 show season. Sitting at ringside can remember watching both as their handlers worked to get the judges nod. The Championship went to *Muscat but few missed the excellence of Bey Shah.
For this reason we purchased RamboBey (Bey Shah x Parada Fancy) to cross with some of the Staccato daughters. Having first seen him in the paddock at Los Alamitos, I would never forget how beautiful he was. When the decision was made to add the Bey Shah lineage, he was the first to come to mind.
RamboBey is a full brother to Sterling Bey (twice the Brazilian Reserve National Champion ).
A "Cal Bred Horse of the Year" ( a very prestigious Halter award ), RamboBey was also the 1987 Region 7 Sweepstakes Champion Colt, and a Scottsdale Top Ten two year old. A Halter Champion, RamboBey was also an exceptional Sprint horse who raced  forty-three times.
We used RamboBey for the first time last year. His foals are exceptional as one would expect of this lineage.
Having great stamina, Arabians are the horses most often chosen for the sport of Endurance Racing as they are willing and able to travel for hundreds of miles when physically fit. When racing their large fleshy nostrils fully extend to help them bring in tremendous amounts of oxygen, hence the term "Drinkers of the Wind".
Arabian horses are a pure breed having been bred for thousands of years. Their "Type" is set, having a refined head, large eyes, and tail held high over their backs they are a handsome horse often exotically beautiful. Couple the unmistakable good looks with outstanding athletic ability and it's easy to see why the Arabian horse has captured the hearts of millions. The Arabian has come from war-horse to show-horse making the transition with ease.
Aswan Gray 1958
(Nazeer x Yosreia by Sheikh El Arab) Sired 21 Stake Winners
3 Derby Winners Start, Pirit, Parapet 19 Stake Placed. Sire of 184 Get, He is the Sire of Patron, three times the Dutch Nat.l CH.(the Sire of Padron US, Canadian and Dutch Nat.'l CH)., Patron also Sired *Abdullahhh 1981 World Ch. Stallion (Grandsire to our mare RD Paloukira ). Napitok Canadian Nat'l CH. is also by Patron. Other notable get of Aswan; *Magnat, Kilimanjaro, Pirit, *Plastun, Antey, *Mandat, *Mag to name but a few.
Ptashka Bay Mare 1953
(Priboj x Taktika the Dam of Trapecia)
3/18(4-1-2)1-0-1 First in the  MI Kalinin,  3rd in Summer Prize. Champion All Union Exhibition and  Full sister to *Pietuszok, Topol and Platina. She was a three quarter sister to Trapecia (by the Priboj son Pomeranets). Ptashka is the Dam of six mares of significance, *Parketnaia,  Pustina (the Dam of Panagia), Pantera (the Dam of *Pozicia), Palmira(the Dam of Peleng, Poznan, and *Pristan), Pallada (the Dam of Penza), Pesnia (the Dam of *Pesniar).
Arax Bay 2/18(5-2-6) 1952
(Amurath Sahib x Angara)
Sire of Stake Winners
Sapina, Mramor, Talant. Sire of Nabeg *Magnolia,  Sire of Grandget  Peleng, *Pesniar, *Poznan, *Menes, *Ptersk, *Princip, *Talina to name but a  few.
Negativ Gray 1/4(2-0) 1945
(Naseem x Taraszcza by Enwer Bay)Champion All Union Exhibition
Continuing the line of Ibrahim, Skowronek's most influential son was Naseem. The most influential son of Naseem, was Negativ.
Poland tried without success to purchase Negativ from the Tersk Stud, they settled instead for his Son Nabor (*Naborr). Nabor's excellence excited the Polish Studmaster's who approached the Russians once more, not an outstanding race horse, they agreed to the sale. In the trade the Russians received the Polish stallion Semen 3/15 (11-3-1)D 2xC+5, the outstanding Polish Race horse out of Sokora 3/19(5- whose sire was the Polish Derby winner Hardy. (Staccato's 2nd Dam is a Semen daughter).Semen represents the Opal family of the Koheilan Adjuze through his Sire Laur (Priboj represents the Piolun family of the Koheilan Adjuze).  In Poland Negatiw Sired *Bandos, *Etiw, *Fantazia+++ and many others.
Negativ's son *Salon (out of Sonata the Ofir daughter by Skrzyp), became the progenitor of the Ibrahim line at Tersk. Sonata brought to this union her athletic prowess, combining beauty with outstanding athletic ability.
*Salon sired *Muscat, *Moment, *Pesenka, *Muslin,*Namiet, Palmira, Missia to name but a few.
Priboj 1934 2/8(6-2-0)D+1 (pronounced Pree-boy) Won the
 Autumn Prize and the Derby. Sired 26 Stake Winners, 19 Stake Placed ( Staccato has three crosses to Priboj), the Sire of Black Type in Russia and Grandsire of National Champions in the United States and Canada.
The most important line of Koheilan Adjuze came through Piolun the Sire of Priboj (the other line came through Opal the Sire of Laur who Sired the Stallion Semen). Foaled in 1934, Piolun was evacuated to Russia during the war. He sired 6 stallions and 21 broodmares who were used by the Tersk Stud, the most important being his son Priboj.
In 1958 the four year old Priboj son *Pietuszok, was acquired by Poland from the Tersk Stud. It is through him that the lineage of Priboj was represented in the US..*Pietuszok's Get, the stallions *Bajram (Canadian Nat.l CH. Stallion, Top Ten Stallion in the U.S.) *Orzel (U.S. Top Ten Stallion U.S. Nat.l CH. English Pleasure),  Polish Derby winner *Wosk and *Gaypolka+++ were influential in American breeding programs. Our mare Freemark Abbey is a Grandaughter of *Pietuszok sired by Black Russian our original herd sire.
At the Tersk Stud, Priboj was the sire of Black Type ( In racing forms, horses who have won Stake Races are printed in bold black type, the origin of the term). Many of his Get were Stake Winners or the producers of Stake Winners and were highly prized by the Stud for their athletic prowess. One can assume exceptional conformation in Stake horses a factor in their outstanding athletic achievements. Priboj had a very laid back shoulder allowing for great extension a genetic gift to his accomplished Get.  
Too many to list them all, the focus here will be on the Get of Priboj who appear in the lineage of the horses on our farm.
Plaksa 2/14(6-4-3-0)2-2 Won both the Oaks and the Derby, Stake Placed twice, Dam of Stake Winner Paniker.
Taktika 2/14(5-2-4-1) Dam of Stake Winners Topol, Ptashka, Record Holder Potencia and  *Pietuszok (all full brother sister) .
Sopka 2/13(4-1-2-0) Dam of Stake Winner Start 25(14-6-1-0)D + 2.
Ptashka 3/18(4-1-2)1 CH. All Union Exhibition. full sister to Topol 2/16(9-4-3)D+2 and *Pietuszok.
Pevunia 20(4-6-3-7)0-2 Full sister to Privet 21(6-6-1, Piewica and Pierzga (2nd Dam of *Piechur 12(10-2)D + 1).
Podruga 3/14(5-3-2)Oaks+2-2 setting 3 Track Records. Dam of Patron 2/23(7-1-6-1)1-3(Three times  CH. Stallion of Holland), he sired World CH Stallion Abdullahhh (the Grandsire of our mare RD Paloukira ex *Paluba), RD Five Star ex Paluba, *Patent (the sire of American Stake Winner Suede) and Padron( Nat.l CH. Holland, Canada, U.S).
Pomeranets1/7(2-0-5)0-0-1  Assumed Priboj's position as Chief Sire of the Koheilan Adjuze line at the Tersk Stud in 1957 when Priboj died. Pomeranets was the 1955 and 1960 Champion Stallion at the All Union Exhibition in Moscow ( sire of stake Winner and Record Holder Leopard 33(21-2-5-2)6-0-1, Record Holder Lopushok 21(6-0-4-3-)0-0-1). Full brother to Malpia (*Muscat and  *Moment's Dam), Monopolia 14(3-4-2)1-2 (Dam of Monogramma a Record Setter and the Dam of Monogram) and Metropolia 13(4-4-2)0-1 Second in the Oaks (the Dam of *Menes).
Platina 2/11(4-3-1) 1st in Oaks, The Dam of  Perikola15(5-3-1-1) by Kankan who in turn was the Dam of  Record Holder Prikhot 16(8-5-2)Oaks + Dead Heat for 1st in the Derby, and Pamir a Winner of the MI Kalinin, third in both the Summer Prize and the MI Kalinin, both by Knippel. Platina is a Full Sister to *Pietuszok, Ptashka, Topol and Potencia.
Platforma 13/4-1-5)1-0-1 The Dam of Pika 2/17(4-5-2-1)1962 (the Dam of Stake Winners: Pafos who won the Great Summer Prize 4 x, St. Ledger, Elite, and the USSR. Plastun 22(6-3-6-1)1-0-1 and Pirit Winner of the M I Kalanin, AP, St. Leger, Derby and the Elite).
These are but a few of the outstanding Get sired by Priboj. He left an immeasurable legacy to the Tersk Stud. We treasure his lineage and the Russian Heritage infused in our herd.
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